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Vacation 2 USA   >   Cycling   >   Alaska Cycling


Alaska Cycling

Here are some cycling books and other items for Alaska:

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Into the North Wind: A Thousand-mile Bicycle Adventure Across Frozen Alaska

By Jill Homer

Arctic Glass Press
Paperback (190 pages)

Into the North Wind: A Thousand-mile Bicycle Adventure Across Frozen Alaska
List Price: $9.95*
Lowest New Price: $9.95*
Lowest Used Price: $8.50*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 15:51 Pacific 21 Jul 2017 More Info)

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Product Description:
“Into the North Wind” chronicles Jill Homer’s record-breaking bicycle ride across Alaska on the Iditarod Trail. Jill is one of those “accidental athletes” who stumbled into endurance racing shortly after she moved to Alaska in 2005. After a hundred miles, her first race only scratched the surface of the historic trail that spans a vast and frozen wilderness. Ever since, she dreamed about the chiming of ice crystals at thirty below zero, black spruce shadows in the moonlight, the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights, and a journey that could take her deeper into this transcendental world — the thousand-mile race to Nome. After ten years of dreaming, she finally made the leap in 2016. Fitness, however, remained elusive as ambitious preparations left a wake of failures, sickness and injury. Even the existence of the trail remained in question — throughout the winter, Alaska experienced unprecedented heat waves and snow melt that threatened to render the Iditarod Trail impassable. By the time Jill lined up at the start, she was ready to chuck her dream into the barely-frozen lake. Instead, she pedaled across waterlogged ice, repeating her mantra of “one day at a time.” This account is not just a story about seeking beauty, overcoming setbacks and uncovering hidden strength — it’s a journey into the benevolent heart of the coldest, loneliest trail.

Downhills Don't Come Free: One Man's Bike Ride from Alaska to Mexico

By Jerry Holl

Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Released: 2017-06-27
Kindle Edition (344 pages)

Downhills Don t Come Free: One Man s Bike Ride from Alaska to Mexico
Product Description:
Biking from Alaska to Mexico solo is hard enough. But when you throw in bad weather, flat tires, hair-raising roadways, and unpredictable grizzly bears, only a fool would keep going.

Fortunately, Jerry Holl was just the fool for this particular two-wheeled odyssey. Coming off a lifetime of corporate positions, he wasn’t exactly prepared—his most trusted companion on the trip was a bike he didn’t know how to fix. But inexperience and lack of a concrete plan didn’t stop him. For fifty-one days, Holl pedaled his way across two countries, encountering everything weird and wondrous North America had to offer.

Downhills Don’t Come Free takes you through the ups and downs (literal and figurative) of Holl’s ride. By turns amusing and reflective, self-deprecating and self-assured, it chronicles every aspect of the journey, from the breathtaking vastness of the Alaskan-Canadian wilderness to the fortitude, generosity, and eccentricity of the people he met along the way.

Mountain Bike Anchorage: A Comprehensive Guide to Dirt, Gravel and Paved Bicycle Trails from Eklutna Lake to Girdwood

By Rosemary Austin

Brand: Publication Consultants
Paperback (236 pages)

Mountain Bike Anchorage: A Comprehensive Guide to Dirt, Gravel and Paved Bicycle Trails from Eklutna Lake to Girdwood
List Price: $17.95*
Lowest New Price: $22.51*
Lowest Used Price: $1.30*
*(As of 15:51 Pacific 21 Jul 2017 More Info)

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  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:
A comprehensive guide to dirt, gravel and paved bicycle trails from Eklutna Lake to Girdwood, Alaska. This guide book is indispensable for locals and visitors in Anchorage, Alaska. Useful whether you're biking, hiking or skiing, the guide is easy to follow and filled with detail, including route mileage. Compact enough to fit in a pack or a jersey pocket.

Alaska Bicycle Touring Guide: Including Parts of the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories

By Pete Praetorius

Brand: Denali Pr
Paperback (318 pages)

Alaska Bicycle Touring Guide: Including Parts of the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories
List Price: $17.50*
Lowest New Price: $31.07*
Lowest Used Price: $5.08*
*(As of 15:51 Pacific 21 Jul 2017 More Info)

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  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:
Book by Praetorius, Pete, Culhane, Alys

FLASK 2011: A Bicycle Journey from Florida to Alaska

By Craig Randleman

Released: 2017-03-28
Kindle Edition

FLASK 2011: A Bicycle Journey from Florida to Alaska
Product Description:
One man's journey through the entirety of North America by bicycle, whose adventure includes backpacking and rock climbing in the National Parks and wilderness of both the United States and Canada. Enjoy the whimsical descriptions of the physical and emotional challenges of a five-month solo adventure from the sandy beaches of Florida, through the heart of the Rocky Mountain chain, and into the wilds of Alaska.


What normally takes about 30 minutes takes me nearly two hours but I finally manage to wrestle the wet tarp, tent, lines, and poles over the uneven terrain and into a semblance of shelter. My brain and hands are rigid with cold and decisions seem to take as long as does any movement. It is a deliberate effort to move from one task to another and fight through the sluggishness and pain from the cold. The bags finally in and arranged to keep things dry in this leaking, inhospitable site, I must now undress outside without getting all the dry stuff wet. The bag and clothes must remain dry if I’m to recover so I shed the wet gear outside in the torrent, reach into the tent for the small hand towel in the small dry bag, and then comically towel off while simultaneously crawling into the tiny dry space created by the wet tent fabric. Now even colder, getting dressed is difficult but eventually I have most of my clothes on and I’m stuffed in the dry sleeping bag with my puffy jacket around my numb feet. It takes an hour for the shivers to subside enough that I can eat the food Karen had bagged for me. But now fed and with warmth returning to my torso, I sense the worst is over and fall asleep completely exhausted.

An hour or so later, I awake with a start. My mind still cannot grasp that the day’s frightening events are safely past. I am numb from trying to avoid thinking about the situation. At the moment, the tent and dry clothes and sleeping bag are a wonderful respite but the truth is that I’m still worried. In fact, I’m scared. It’s easily still 50K to Muskeg and then another 30K to Grand Cache and it seems appropriate to try to make one of those tomorrow but I’m dreading the effort it will take and wondering if my body and mind are strong enough to deal with the maelstrom two days in a row. I’m very tired and this often leads to intense emotional vulnerability. I start to cry. I miss my wife and just want to be curled up in bed next to her – safe, warm, and coddled. The sobbing deepens as my mind wonders, “Why did you ever think you could do this?! You fool!” Everything about the adventure now seems too hard by a lot and there is no rationalizing the failure that this situation highlights: a failure of toughness, resilience, preparation, and fortitude.

“You’re no adventurer. You made it this far out of dumb luck and when that runs out, you crumble.”

“You’re a fraud.”

You Can't Ride a Bike to Alaska. It's an Island!

By Mickey Thomas

Brand: iUniverse, Inc.
Paperback (136 pages)

You Can t Ride a Bike to Alaska. It s an Island!
List Price: $13.95*
Lowest New Price: $13.95*
Lowest Used Price: $2.71*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 15:51 Pacific 21 Jul 2017 More Info)

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  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:
You'll never make it! With encouragement like that, author Mickey Thomas, in a fit of youthful testosterone, and meticulous inattention to detail, decided to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime 3,400 mile bicycle ride from Montana to Alaska. While riding through knee problems, illness, homesickness, infatuation, bad weather, and meeting a host of quirky and hilarious characters, Mickey, and his group, rides over some of roughest roads and most desolate scenery in North America. Along the way, he discovers an inner strength as well as a new physical stamina he never had. The book is laugh-out-loud funny, but it is also a celebration of the human spirit, and of the last great North American wilderness.

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